Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feb 27th ride from Alice's to Zelda's on the beach, and back to Los Gatos

Despite a week of rain and 1" of snow on Skyline the day before, Raj Singh and Johnson Jardiniano joined me at Alice's for a ride to Zelda's and then back to Los Gatos.

Tony Guntharp had already braved 45 minutes of ice and snow on the way to meet us, so after a quick breakfast he headed back to Half Moon Bay while the rest of us headed down Skyline to Big Basin.

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The weather turned out to be fantastic with blue skies and temperatures just a little on the cold side. With very few cars and bikes on Skyline, and crystal clear skies presenting 100 mile views to both the sea and east bay, the ride to 9 went quickly.

Once on 9 it was a handful of miles to Hwy 236, and then into Big Basin. Finishing the curvy 236 loop dropped us into Boulder Creek to gas up.

We then used Alba Road to cross over into Bonny Doon, then down to Hwy 1, and then south to Capitola for a lunch at Zelda's. With full stomachs we decided to simply hop over the Santa Cruz mountains via Old Santa Cruz Road which dropped us off at Lexington Reservoir.

Mike and Johnson flash the "cells angels" sign in Capitola
Despite some snow on the ground and clouds threatening to crest the ridge at the beginning of the ride, the skies opened up and provided us with blue for a great day. It was a fun set of roads and I hope to run them again in warmer weather.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sierra Traffic

Who says things don't slow to a crawl?


Here are some of our Jeeps trying to get into calendars.

This last one wins the "Shiny Award".

Pick your line

Some shots from past runs into the Sierras. Anyone care to name the obstacles?

Looking back

Last December I asked for pictures for our blog background and received a ton of great ones. They are too big to fit in one post so here are a few collections. First up are the people of PLR!

(PS: Let me know where each picture was taken and I'll edit this blog entry)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feb 6 ride on Tunitas Creek and Skyline

This was a quick and fun ride starting from Alice's, down to San Gregorio via 84 and then back up Tunitas Creek to Skyline. Our group then split with Raj, Aashir, and myself heading south to Highway 9 for a short distance, and then ducking onto Redwood Gulch Rd for a backwoods way into Cupertino.

Our group for this ride consisted of Raj Singh, Mike Prince, Daniel Pifko, Aashir Shroff, and Tim Rosenblatt.

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